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About Our Date

Please note: I do not discriminate based on one's age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, body type or religion.

Outcall: I'd be delighted to meet you at your place of preference but I do have a minimum of 4H for outcalls. An additional fee will also be required to cover transportation costs depending on the location .

Fly Me To You: Want to take me away from my city and visit yours? What about taking me on vacation or your business trip with you? That can definitely be arranged! Get in touch and we can make our getaway plans together. I require a minimum 12 hour date with a 2 night stay at a 4-5 star hotel. Please note a 50% deposit is required to secure a Fly me to you Date. Accommodations and travel expenses are not included. Miscellaneous travel expenses may include trains, ubers/taxis, etc. Flights must be in first/business class and either direct or 1 stop only.

Trips/Extended Dates: I would love to get away with you! Though I am passport ready, dates are subject to approval and are approved on a case by case basis. Once approved however, I do have a few requirements: I'm only human and I do need a minimum of 6H of uninterrupted beauty rest every night to make sure I'm ready for our day of adventure ahead. Additionally, for dates longer than 24H, I need 4 hours for personal care, to take care of private matters.

Deposits: I require a 50% deposit for ALL dates, especially with new friends and lovers. Once screening has been completed, I will send you an email or text confirmation of our date with details on how to send over your deposit.

Confirmation: Once I've received your deposit and have verified your booking request, I will send you an email to confirm our date. General location of the date will be given and will also contain information regarding communication on the day of or the nitght prior to our date.

Cancellation: I understand that sometimes life throws you a curve ball, plans change, and adulthood happens. The more notice you can give me, the better. If you cancel a date:

With 73H+ notice: I'll honour your deposit towards a future date with me.
Within 72H or less: Unfortunately, you relinquish your deposit and will be used towardss a cancellation fee, if required. Please respect my time as I respect yours.
Travel plans 96H before our departure: Your deposit will be forfeited and used towards rebooking and cancellation fees.
Two (2) or more Cancellations: Will require dates be pre-paid before any sort of confirmation is made.
I Cancel: Though the likelihood that this will happen is slim, it has happened and I appreciate your understanding. I will give you as much notice as I can with alternate dates to reschedule to should you so choose. Your deposit will also be fully refunded unless you tell me otherwise and on our next date, I will show you just how much I appreciate your understanding.

No shows/no confirms will not be tolerated and will be immediately placed on my personal block-list until the balance of our date is paid in full. This will also be relayed to your references and my friends in the industry. Your next appointment, if considered, will require 100% pre-payment.

Please send me a message when you arrive so I can provide you with the buzzer/unit number and information. I request that you operate with discretion when coming to and from our date. Patronage must be attended to at the beginning of our date. For safety and comfort please place it either in an unsealed envelope in plain view, or hidden in a gift of your choosing. Should we meet in public, please leave the donation in a card or book/gift in a way that is easily found.

Please take this opportunity to use my restroom and shower facilities. I promise that as an open-minded woman, I strive for our encounter to be the most satisfying for both you and me. I am devoted to maintaining a high level of personal health and safety and will not partake in any potentially unsafe activities.

Please note that all engagements longer than 3 hours in duration require some social aspect (a shared meal, cocktails, social outing, etc) and I've structured my respective fees to reflect this.

Love Letters: Love letters and thank you notes are more than welcome, always appreciated, and will make our date even more memorable.

Reviews: While I don't openly support reviews and review culture, if you'd like to write a review of our encounter, then please let me know beforehand and refrain from posting it without my knowledge. For privacy reasons I'd prefer to have our date be something that is only shared between us. Thank your for respecting my wishes to maintain mutual discretion.

References: I'm more than willing to provide a reference for you as long as our relationship is positive. Please let me know beforehand if you intend on using me as a reference so I'm not caught off guard and will have your information ready and at hand when I receive the reference request. Discretion is important to me so I won't confirm or deny having seen you unless you've given me notice. I will only provide a reference for you if we've seen each other within the past 6 months because many things can change in that time frame. Lastly, I will only provide a reference for you a maximum 5 times.




1.5 hours || $900
2 hours || $1,200
3 hours || $1,800
4 hours || $2,000


6 hours || $2,500
8 hours || $3,000
12 hours || $4,000
16 hours || $4,800


24 hours || $6,000
36 hours || $8,000
48 hours || $10,000
+ additional day || $3,000


United States*

*Honorarium is listed in USD


1.5 hours || $1,200
2 hours || $1,600
3 hours || $2,400
4 hours || $3,200


6 hours || $4,800
8 hours || $5,000
12 hours || $6,000
16 hours || $7,000


24 hours || $8,000
36 hours || $9,000
48 hours || $10,000
+ additional day || $4,000


Hong Kong


1.5 hours || 7000 HKD
2 hours || 9400 HKD
3 hours || 14000 HKD
4 hours || 19000 HKD


6 hours || 28000 HKD
8 hours || 31000 HKD
12 hours || 38000 HKD
16 hours || 39000 HKD


24 hours || 55000 HKD
24 hours || 67000 HKD
48 hours || 78000 HKD
+ additional day || 39000 HKD




1.5 hours || 900 SGD
2 hours || 1700 SGD
3 hours || 2500 SGD
4 hours || 3300 SGD


6 hours || 4800 SGD
8 hours || 5500 SGD
12 hours || 6500 SGD
16 hours || 6800 SGD


24 hours || 9500 SGD
36 hours || 11000 SGD
48 hours || 14000 SGD
+ additional day || 6000 SGD