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I can understand your hesitation in regards to screening but I screen for my safety. You can see me via my social media presence, this website, my ads, reviews, and verification profiles (Preferred411, Slixa, TERB). You have everything you need to know about me, so give me the chance to do the same with you.

In terms of screening, I require at MINIMUM a copy of your UNALTERED (all information must be clearly legible) government issued photo ID and either 2 companion references by verifiable and active providers that you've seen WITHIN the last 6 months or a form of employment verification such as your linkedin profile or a business card. If I require more information for my personal safety I will let you know as soon as possible.

If this is your first time seeing a provider, I'd be delighted to introduce you to this wonderful terrain. Please take the time to complete my booking form! In the event your form is missing any information, I will require additional forms of verification.

Should you refuse to go through my screening process, I will respect your decision but I will politely refuse any future date requests until the appropriate screening is provided.

If you are a provider looking to get in connect regarding a reference request, please contact me at


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