get to know me

the incomparable Emmy Valentine

A cultivator of hedonism and carnal adventures; I want to be the one that takes your fantasies and makes them reality. Let me inspire your wildest desires. As I explore more of myself, I've found that I'm far more in tune with both my and general human sensuality. If we allow our minds to be open, the experiences we will share are infinite.

This intrepid, globe-trotting playmate is so much more than appearances let on. Nothing excites me more than recounting tales of past travel or gushing about plans for upcoming adventures. I've been told that my best attribute is my effervescent personality -- that I lead with my heart and as such, I strive to ensure your comfort from the moment we meet until our last embrace. I consider myself to be multi-faceted, and while I am just as comfortable in a pair of yoga pants as I am in my best little black dress, I will endeavour to show you an experience that is uniquely my own.

Let me be your best kept secret and together we can explore all the mysteries of the world and its glory together.