Frequently Asked Questions

before we meet...

Where will our encounter take place?

I am happy to host our time together in my centrally located, well-appointed suite in downtown Toronto. However, I am also comfortable with seeing you in your upscale hotel or private suite*. While touring, I always host out of 4 or 5 star accomodations that are both centrally located and discreet.
*Please note that I can only accommodate visits to hotels 4 stars and above.

What services do you offer? Do you have a menu?

Unfortunately, I cannot qualify what I offer. I cater each experience to the individual and prefer to have each encounter unfold organically. My rates are non-negotiable and my fee is for my time only.

Do you offer fetish sessions?

While I am a very open-minded individual, I do not have the experience that will make me feel comfortable in indulging extreme kink - however, I am more than happy to recommend many amazing colleagues that are much more suited to your specific tastes.

Do you see couples?

Yes! I love couples and while I would be enthralled to meet you both, I do require screening processes from both parties and cannot accept "surprise" dates. Consent is a very fickle thing and it's best if we are all on the same page before we get caught up in the moment.

Can you show me your test results?

I take an immense amount of pride in my personal health and safety. Regular health checks are part of my monthly routine. While I would love to be able to show you my results, Canadian practices make it impossible to do so confidentially.

Do you offer exclusive arrangements?

Yes, I do! However, I would only consider it on a case by case basis with someone I have a history with.

Do you tour?

Yes, while I enjoy visiting new and favourite cities, my busy personal schedule allows only for brief visits in certain places. I do require a more advanced form of screening + deposits for all of my tour bookings.

Are your photos really you?

They definitely are! I do my very best to get the most accurate and recent representation of myself. While I do hide my small tattoos for privacy reasons, I like to maintain a natural and untouched appearance in my photos.

May I write a review?

While I don't openly support reviews and review culture, if you'd like to write a testimonial of our time together please let me know beforehand and refrain from using explicit language and posting it without my knowledge. Because I enjoy exploring the world, I would hate for any explicit recounts to hinder my ability to do so. For privacy reasons I'd prefer to have our date be something that is only shared between the two of us. Thank your for respecting my wishes to maintain mutual discretion.

Could you send me a private photo or selfie?

I personally do not send photos of a private or personal nature but I do have an Onlyfans account where you can see all of the private and explicit content that I haven't posted on my site or Twitter account.